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Curran's Houseboat

A Navy SEALs Biehn Team Exclusive


This is the houseboat's patio area where Curran, Hawkins and Claire devised a way to get a line on the Stingers.

These are the stairs that Claire climbed when she boarded Curran's houseboat to find that he'd lost his best friend.

These stairs lead somewhere else...

Oh look... Hicks has been rescued by the Biehn Team... What a catch!!

A very nice couch.

This is the wall that James Curran had covered in Post-It notes.

Froggy is testing the comfort level of the couch!


My my... what green eyes you have Froggy... who looks a little too comfy in Curran's bed.



Ready Room


Biehn Team, 2001

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